How To Measure You Finger Size?

A ring has to be perfect for its future wearer.

If you have found a piece of jewellery that you love, it is crucial to identify the perfect size for you.

Rings are a long term investment. They are pieces of jewellery we wear often, maybe even decades or our whole life. The perfect ring should feel comfortable, so confortable you won’t even feel it on your finger. This applies to all types of rings – classic ones, fantasy models, engagement rings or wedding rings.

The most important question is: how can we measure the ring and be sure we have done it perfectly?

Ilex Goldteam helps you answer this question with a useful tool: the ring-sizer. It is the safest method to identify the ideal measure of a ring for a lady or a gentleman.

Here’s how you should proceed.

After the ring-sizer ordered on arrives, compare its width with that of the ring. Establish if they are equal or if the ring is thinner or wider than the ring-sizer.

Let’s get to step two. The ring-sizer matches the right finger. In the case of an engagement ring, this should be the ring finger. The ring-sizer should be adjusted until it fits the finger perfectly.

If the width of the ring matches that of the width of the ring-sizer, the ideal size should be the one indicated on the magnifier.

If the ring-sizer is thinner, then the correct size should be 0.5 less than that shown on the magnifier.

Let’s take an example so you can understand better. If the magnifier shows the size 50, but the ring is thinner than the ring-sizer, it means the correct size will be 49.5.

If – however – the width of the ring is bigger than that of the ring-sizer, we should add 0.5 to the shown size. So, if the magnifier shows 50, the correct size will be 50.5.

For very thick rings (maybe three times thicker than the ring-sizer), add 1 unit to the number shown on the magnifier. If it shows 55, the right size would be 51.

Don’t forget – the right size is an essential aspect when buying a ring. There are many models difficult or even impossible to modify. That’s why we should try to avoid such situations and try to buy the ideal ring from the beginning!

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*It is crucial to identify the perfect size for you. Please read the instructions carefully. There are rings that - because of the design and the position of the gemstones - cannot be adjusted in case the size doesn't fit..

*The best time to measure a finger is in the afternoon or at night, when the size of the finger increases slightly because of daily activities. Avoid measuring immediately after entering an interior space, especially in colder times. Cold fingers are usually smaller, whereas temperature variations make them become swollen.

*The price of the ring-sizer is 10 Ron + expenditure taxes.

*The ring-sizer comes with a voucher worth 50 lei - you can use it for any further orders.