THE CLIENT/USER may perform ORDERS on the SITE by adding the desired PRODUCTS and/or SERVICES in the shopping cart, finalizing the ORDER by making the payment through one of the methods expressly indicated. Once in the shopping cart, a PRODUCT and/or SERVICE is available for purchase if it is available on the stock. Adding a PRODUCT/SERVICE in the shopping cart without finalizing the ORDER does not imply registering the ORDER or the automatic reservation of the PRODUCT/SERVICE. By finalizing the ORDER, the CLIENT consents that all the data provided by him/her, necessary for the online purchase process, is accurate, complete and authentic when placing the ORDER. By finalizing the ORDER, the CLIENT consents that S.C. ILEX TRADING S.R.L. may contact him/her by any means available/agreed with S.C. ILEX TRADING S.R.L. 
The notification received from the Buyer after performing the Order is for information purposes and does not represent the approval of the order. This notification is made by computer by an email automatically sent by the site or by telephone.

If the CLIENT must be contacted, S.C. ILEX TRADING S.R.L. may cancel the ORDER performed by the CLIENT, following a previous notification addressed to the CLIENT, without any subsequent obligation of any party towards the other or without any party claiming damages in the following cases:

1.The disapproval by the CLIENT’S bank of the Transaction in case of online payment;
2. Invalidation of the Transaction by the card processor agreed with S.C. ILEX TRADING S.R.L. in case of online payment;
3. The data provided by the CLIENT on the SITE is incomplete and/or incorrect.
The products offered for sale on the site are new and are accompanied by documents according to the law in effect.
Comenzile pot fi efectuate telefonic, prin fax sau email, recomandăm însă efectuarea comenzilor online pe site. Orders may be performed by telephone, fax or email; however we recommend performing the orders online on the site. The buyer must make sure that he/she correctly performed the order and provided complete data, because subsequent modification may be performed only in certain circumstances. The buyer cannot perform orders for products that are not available on stock and the Seller cannot guarantee the sale price displayed on the site. The stock availability is displayed in real time on the site and may be altered anytime during the performance of an order.
The buyer is notified if a product from the order is missing. If within 2 working days, the buyer does not answer or cannot be contacted by telephone, the order cannot be delivered as such. The missinThe buyer must inspect the received Order and inform the Seller in maximum 3 days if he/she discovered differences or errors. Notifications sent after this term will not be considered.
Due to the automatic collection system and quick order processing, altering the orders is possible at request in maximum 1 hour from performing the order in the working hours or anytime outside the working hours until 8:00 the next working day. The buyer may deliver the application of altering of an Order by telephone or email.
If an order is being delivered and is located with the courier company, altering the order is not possible. 
Orice adăugare de produse Any addition of products to an order already packed or delivered order will be exclusively considered new order, with all applicable directing lines, without any connection to the previous order;
If the Buyer performs more orders which are to be processed in the same day: the Buyer must expressly require the addition of these orders, if not, the Seller will individually process and deliver the orders.


The payment of the products ordered on the S.C. ILEX TRADING S.R.L. site may be performed:

1. When delivering the products by Fan Courier quick courier company (cash on delivery), only in case of deliveries performed in Romania
2. With card
3. With payment order in the account of S.C. ILEX TRADING S.R.L.: RO28BTRL00501202M33515XX open at Transilvania Bank.
4.By PayPal

The products ordered must be paid in-full, if not the delivery will not be performed.