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Any woman should have her own semiprecious stone jewellery, cthat should represent her and tell something about her story. You could wear them daily or only on special occasions, but they will always reflect your personality and in the same time they will complete your outfit from an aesthetic point of view.

For a casual look, you could opt for the following semiprecious stone jewellery, in 14k and 18k gold: discreet earrings with fine zirconia crystal accents, a pendant necklace in yellow, white or rose gold, a ring with special floral or geometric details, a charms bracelet carefully handcrafted by our jewellers. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that Ilex Gold semiprecious stone jewellery is characterized by the best quality of 14k and 18k gold (yellow, white or rose), whereas the semiprecious stone details will contribute to the charm of each jewel.

You just have to be creative and try different combinations of semiprecious stone jewellery.