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Wearing a pendant necklace numbers among the most beautiful ways of punctuating our style. At Ilex Gold we offer you a variety of pendant necklaces in yellow, white, or rose gold (14 or 18k), decorated with precious gemstones like: diamonds, emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst or topaz.

In our jewellery collection you will find discreet models, perfect for everyday wear, but also spectacular masterpieces that are ideal for evening looks. Each pendant has its own story – although jewels are born in our ateliers, their get their true meaning near their wearer, who collects special memories while wearing them. The shapes, colours and unique shine of Ilex Gold pendants make you fall in love at first sight. Then they become your allies whenever you need an elegant or jovial touch to your outfit.

Precious gemstone necklaces in our shops have diamonds or colourful precious stones – you may choose between the intense red of ruby, the deep green of emerald, the unmistakable violet of amethyst or the sky-blue sapphire. Whatever you choose, we promise you the best quality at special prices.