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Jewellery accompanies us in our most important moments, starting from the first days of our lives, when many parents choose to give the baby a piece of gold semiprecious stone jewellery for children as a gift. It could be a pair of fine earrings, a bracelet with the initials of the little one or, why not, a pendant necklace that they could wear in this special period of their lives.

As years go by and children grow, they will be able to choose their favourite jewellery in 14k or 18k gold , decorated with jovial details made of white zirconia stone. At Ilex Gold, we offer you a wide range of gold semiprecious stone jewellery for children, with a multitude of models decorated with jovial details or colourful accents.

Do not hesitate to give them as a gift to your children, because gold semiprecious stone jewellery might turn into the most beautiful memories with the passage of time. Besides the high quality of our yellow, white or rose gold children’s jewellery collection, you will always benefit from special prices and warranty is included.