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Besides their beauty, jewels have another charming side – the fact that they link us to special moments in our lives. By wearing precious gemstone jewellery, you will create an invisible link to the emotions that you lived in those moments. Because the brightness of each detail is strongly connected to the way our emotions shine.

Ilex Gold offers a large range of 14 or 18 k jewels in white, pink or classic gold, with diamonds and other precious stones: emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst etc. No matter if you choose rings, earrings, necklaces with pendants or gold bracelets, at Ilex Gold you will find luxury jewellery, ideal to be worn daily or on special occasions. Our products – that you may find either in Ilex Gold shops or online – are our way of showing respect and gratitude to our customers.

In the precious stone jewellery category, we have included diamonds, emerald, rubies, sapphires, amethysts and the famous pearls that have been fascinating humankind for centuries. We are glad to have the chance to bring these treasures closer to you! Discover our jewellery collection now and benefit from special prices for white, pink or classic gold pieces – exclusively at Ilex Gold Jewellery!