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Such a beautiful feeling as love can only be represented by noble gold details and precious gemstones, made with craftsmanship and respect for your story. Let our wedding rings shine for you and the powerful emotions that brought you together!

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Wedding rings are living proof of the fact that jewellery expresses love best. They weigh only a few grams, but their meaning is infinite. 14k or 18 k yellow, white or rose gold wedding bands, encrusted with diamonds and other precious and semiprecious stones, are a lifetime choice. They should represent you both individually and as a couple.

They should tell a story about you and your love. In order to add a feminine touch to her ring, you will notice that in some cases, her wedding band is encrusted with diamonds and other fine details. You can choose between more than 1000 models. Based on certain criteria (thickness, style, gold type – 14k or 18k, yellow, white or rose gold, design etc.)

You also have the possibility to combine two or more types of gold. At Ilex Gold, we also have jewellery engraving services for those of you who wish to personalize wedding rings with the initials of your loved one or a special message. All products in 14k or 18k yellow, white or rose gold, with diamonds or precious and semiprecious stones, have warranty included.